Spanish gold coins worth millions found off Florida coast

Article copied from Treasure Hunting.
Video of news article: YouTube: CBS This Morning: Treasure hunters hit jackpot off Florida Coast
Of course, Aquapulse was the tool used for this amazing find!

We have to share news of this unbelievably awesome discovery involving Spanish gold! The crew of a boat known as “Capitana” recently discovered over 350 gold coins! The Capitana is part of the 1715 Fleet-Queen’s Jewels, LLC historic shipwreck salvage operation. The famous 1715 fleet sank in the year 1715, with millions of dollars in lost treasures. The vast amount of coins just recovered were found on exactly the 300th Anniversary of the 1715 Fleet!

According to Brent Brisben, the co-founder of of the 1715 Fleet-Queen’s Jewels, LLC, there were 9 rare coins also found, known as “Royals”. Those coins are valued at $300,000 a piece!! Brisben also mentioned, in a recent press release, that the coins were meant for the King of Spain and these make up 30% of all the known Royals out there! Can you imagine holding a coin such as this? Brisben said that all the artifacts were discovered in shallow waters, about 6 feet deep, off the coast of Vero Beach, Florida. The treasure hunter that made the amazing find was William Bartlett, near a location where Co-Captain, Jonah Martinez chose.

See a video from CBS This Morning, where Brisben talks about the find, including the current legal information around the discovery. This find is one of the reasons why treasure hunting as a hobby is so wonderful. Picking up pieces from the past and sharing that with the world is one of the best feelings! The pure happiness and awe, is something that will never be forgotten. No matter what level treasure hunter you are, it’s imperative to find the right equipment and expertise, in order to help you find the treasure you have always been looking for. Start with us, here at Kellyco.

Photo credits: CBS This Morning, 1715 Fleet-Queens' Jewels, LLC and Brent

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