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AQLogEdit-Basic is a software tool provided to facilitate data logging from the
Aquascan AX2000 Proton Magnetometer and any of the Aquascan MC5 Proton Magnetometers which are equipped with a serial port output.
The program also provides a Download function for downloading data from the AX2000 magnetometer memory. Basic viewing functions are provided for data as it is being logged, or for previously logged or downloaded data. AQLogEdit uses several file types to facilitate data format identification and processing.

Logging Data

The primary function of AQLogEdit is to safeguard the data acquired by the magnetometers so the precious time spent in doing a mag survey is not lost. As part of this function, all logged or downloaded data is saved in two different formats. The "RAW" format is the data exactly as it is received from the magnetometer. It is also recorded in a file with the appropriate file type depending on the various user selections to indicate which magnetometer and options the user has.

Downloading Data

Information stored in your AX2000 Magnetometer memory can be downloaded to the software using the "Download file" function in either "data string" or "graphic" format.

Viewing Data

Once the Magnetometer data has been logged or downloaded into AQLogEdit the software provides an excellent viewing facility. The data can be viewed in RAW, Columnar and Graphical format. The horizontal and vertical scales can be varied allowing specific sections of data to be viewed using different scales. Individual GPS positions can be pin pointed very easily.
If you have previously recorded data files that you wish to view with the AQLogEdit program, you may do so. The program will open ".log" files which have been produced by the old DOS "Logger" program.

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