UXO diver training

DX300 in use on PDA UXO course

Commercial divers will be trained to detect unexploded bombs in a new partnership between explosives disposal experts Ramora UK and the Professional Diving Academy, Dunoon.

Major operators such as e.on have stipulated that divers who wish to participate in this area of work must first have undergone a suitable training course. The course will focus on awareness and identification of unexploded items and will include the use of diver-operated magnetometers.
The Aquascan DX 300 Magnetometer has been chosen for this purpose, as it is arguably the most commonly used in this field. The DX300 is a highly-sensitive detection tool which can pinpoint the location of suspect items underwater, even when buried.

The course content draws on Ramora UK’s world-renowned expertise in explosives detection and disposal. The PDA, which has a global reputation for delivering high-quality, internationally recognised training for divers, will offer this course as a bolt-on within its Premier Career Package, or alternatively as a two-day standalone course for divers who wish to expand their skills.

To view the full article on Maritime Journal, click here: http://www.maritimejournal.com/news101/marine-civils/diving-and-underwater-services/uxo-diver-training-for-the-renewables-industry

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