Jonah Martinez Interview

This is a link to a telephone interview with Jonah Martinez by “Let’s Talk Metal Detecting and Treasure Hunting” following the Capitanas successful 2015 season.

Jonah tells you strategies for getting on a salvage crew. How he picked his crew looking for extreme metal detectorists. They had to be masters of the craft. Using techniques such as skip breathing, overlapping coil coverage and double checking holes to insure nothing is left behind. Click here to be taken to the blog post. Audio interview links are at the bottom of the post. Jonah talks about his experience with the Aquapulse from around 1:15.

Excerpt from the Interview with Jonah relating to the Aquapulse. Press play to hear:

Click here to be taken to the blog

Jonah’s right hand man, Bill Bartlett, on July 31 after one of his dives on the Capitana

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